Paris Selmer S82 Bass Saxophone

Solid Gold Pima Sankyo and Rose Gold Muramatsu

Miraphone BBB Tuba

Gold Prima Sankyo Flute

VQ Powell "C" Piccolo

Custom Rose Wood Risers - 1929 Conn Soprano

1954 Selmer VI Tenor

Lorre's English Horn

1960 Pre R13

Here are a few examples of my favorite customer's instruments that we have recently serviced...

Getzen Doc Severinsen

​V.Q Powell Hand Craft

Yamaha Brass Alloy Alto Flute

1929 King Saxello

Kevin and Matthew Palmer are locally and nationally known for providing professional repairs to all woodwind and brass instruments. With over 65 years and four generations of combined experience we use both old school techniques and state of the art modern tooling and supplies. At Palmers Music we strive for perfection in every repair we do, from minor adjustments on student instruments to complete restorations of vintage professional instruments. We are a complete wind instrument repair shop, offering all repairs. We are experts at repairing damage (removing dents, straightening bent keys, leveling tone holes, etc), and we do things the right way, in the least intrusive way. We never use dent machines or harsh chemicals (which can damage finish and or the integrity of your instrument). We treat every instrument as if it were our own. We use only the highest quality materials and parts, which ensures a long lasting repair. We also offer custom modifications and fabrications. We have been repairing in the Lincoln area since 1990 and look forward to serving our customers for years to come. 

 Palmers Music is pleased to announce the addition of Dustin Herbek. Dustin is a talented luthier that has over 20 years of experience working on some of the best guitars/bowed instruments in the area. We now have a full service string repair shop on site to meet all of your repair needs.