Rates for Palmer's Music's 0% Interest Instrument Trial Plan

Schmitt Music is the largest family owned music store in the USA, with over fourteen mid west stores.

Exceptional Quality!          Low Payments!          0% Interest/No Finance Charges    

*Our affordable Maintenance Plan eliminates the financial risk of paying repair costs for accidental damage to your instruments, and also includes our FREE Instrument Replacement Plan for theft or fire, for only $6.45 per month + tax.*

​Flutes, Clarinets, Violins, Violas, Trumpets, Trombones, and Percussion Kits - $27/month (including tax)

Alto Saxophones, Baritones, French Horns, and Cellos - $47/month (including tax)

Oboes, Tenor Saxophones, and Tubas - $67/month (including tax)

Double Basses - $77/month (including taxes)


Palmers Music's "Worry-Free Maintenance Plan" protects your investment by eliminating the financial risk of repair. It covers the bow and the instrument for general repairs like bridge work, pegs, fingerboards, and cracks, and there's no charge to replace broken strings! The Worry-Free plan includes Free Instrument Replacement: true piece of mind coverage that protects you from a loss due to theft or fire.

Palmers Music is an affiliate with Schmitt Music

Free Size-Up & 100% Equity

Orchestra instruments are available in incremental sizes to fit the student. As your student grows into another size, you may simply exchange your smaller instrument for the next size at no additional cost and with ​no change your monthly payment. As your student continues to grow toward a full size instrument they are progressing in technique and ability, striving to meet the demands of more advanced literature. Our plan assures you that 100% OF ALL PAYMENTS that you have made will be credited of your full size, performance-quality instrument outfit.

Trial Purchase Plan

Palmer's Music's "Better Than Rent" Instrument Trial Purchase Plan includes your quality, educator - approved instrument, bow, and case. Each instrument also includes select instrument care/maintenance items as required by your school music program.

Unlimited Return Option

Should your student need to discontinue orchestra for any reason, simply return the instrument outfit to Palmers Music store (3534 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68506, (402) 432 - 6702), and the payments will stop.

Palmers Music offers Quality Instruments from American Manufactures, as well as Yamaha, Jupiter, Pearl, Eastman, and Amati.

Palmers Music's Highest Quality Assurance:

Palmers Music is committed to providing you with superior products and service. Knowing the art and science behind hand caring allows the makers to maximize each instrument's playability and sound while upholding the traditional integrity of the craft. Care is taken at all levels to ensure that each instrument is in top playing condition. Our Highest Quality Assurance includes set up, maintenance and testing by trained luthier both at the point the instrument arrives to Palmers Music, and when it leaves. The checklist for all instruments includes: 

- Bridge condition & placement         - Bow hair quality & condition         -String condition & heights

- Tailpiece function                               - Bow operation                                 - Tonal quality

- Sound post position                           - Peg operation