Fox Oboe- serial #- 2483- ​ Model 335- Full conservatory system. This is a non- wood, professional oboe, therefore, no worries about cracking. Complete cork pad restoration done in our shop with new professional case. This could be considered for an advancing high school or even college level musician.



Paris Selmer Series 9 Star B Flat Clarinet- Serial #- T7915- 1964- Nearly mint, almost un-used and original condition. Including, factory paper work. We restored this in our shop with cork pads and high quality, waterproof pads on the Low E Flat, C Sharp, Low C-F and Low B key. Never cracked, not 'blown out.' These clarinets are a favorite of 'jazzers' but are also well suited for concert and symphonic bands.



King Zephyr- Serial # 320915- 1951- Nearly mint, closet find with original perfect tweed case! Some lacquer wear on the back side of the bell, otherwise 85% lacquer. In beautiful condition, and undamaged.  Still has original pads, we went through it in our shop and minor adjustments and waterproofing of the pads with our 'pad treatment' were done. This is a Cleveland, Ohio built second generation Zephyr, nearly a Super 20. Beautiful, big, edgy, "King" sound.  

$1500- Call for more information.


Paris Selmer Mark VI Alto - Serial # 195023 -  Factory High F- Sharp. This instrument was hand picked in Paris, France by a well known, local band director. Never dropped or damaged. 80% original lacquer. Everything you want in a High F-Sharp Selmer Mark VI.  Still has original pads, felts and corks. Plays quite well. May need re-padding and mechanical overhaul to bring it to perfect playing condition. To do a complete mechanical overhaul in our shop, with your choice of pads and resonators would cost an additional $800.

Call for price or with any questions. Serious inquiries only

Paris Selmer Super Action Alto Sax- Serial # 41902 -1950- This is an original lacquer, professionally owned, undamaged instrument. Body and bell are straight. Has 65% original lacquer left. Instrument is freshly re-padded and mechanically overhauled in our shop. We added a metal adjustable Mark VI style right thumb hook. This is a great playing Alto Sax, somewhat darker tonal qualities than a Mark VI. Key work is fast and accurate, lighter key action than a Mark VI, this is an improved key action over the previous 'cigar cutter' model. 


Paris Selmer Series III Tenor Saxophone with matte finish. Excellent condition! 100% original finish, never been damaged, seems well cared for. Comes in original deluxe Selmer case with cover. $4000.

Martin Tenor Saxophone- Serial # 82940

This is not "the"Martin Tenor, this is a late 1950's Martin 'intermediate' tenor. It is a great player's horn! It has been completely re-padded and mechanically overhauled in our shop and is in excellent original condition. There is no major damage, dings or dents. It has 95% original lacquer. This tenor has a great scale and still has the Martin sound.

A bargain at -$1400- please call with questions.


Late 1939 or very early 1940 Super Action Selmer Tenor​- This tenor was originally factory silver plated. We completely restored this instrument and had it re-plated at Anderson Silver Plate of Elkhart, Indiana, we added 24KT gold plating to the interior of the bell. When at Anderson Silver Plate, we requested HEAVY silver plate, we re-plated because of horrible solder messes on 2 key cards and low E-flat key post. It was re-plated over 10 years ago and the silver shows no flaws, 100% coverage and has held up beautifully. At the time of restoration, we added a Mark VI style adjustable right thumb hook and an elongated front F- lever.  The heavy silver and gold plating on this tenor results in an incredibly unique, sweet tenor voice. We love this horn, it has been lovingly nick named, "The Precious."

Call for price or with any question

Selmer Mark VI Tenor- Late 1954- 1st year of production- Serial # 56184, (matching serial # on neck.) We completely re-padded and mechanically overhauled this sax in our shop. Including transferring the original Selmer metal domed screw-in pad resonators into high quality water proof pads, this is rare considering it's age, as so many original resonators were discarded in previous re-paddings. This tenor was refinished most likely in the 60's with cellulose lacquer, similar to the original Selmer lacquer. We carefully inspected the instrument and we feel that it was "respectfully" refinished. The engraving is still crisp and sharp, the tone holes show no damage or wear occurred during the refinishing, and are actually in excellent condition. The horn appears to have never suffered any major damage, the body is straight, the bell flair shows no signs of damage and the neck has not been pinched. To most players is would appear that this Selmer VI is well played and has a partially naked patina. This tenor has a wonderful voice and intonation!



Grafton Alto Saxophone, just like the one Charlie Parker played, in original condition, no major damage. Has a small hairline crack on outside of bell, but does not affect playing condition. Small chip on right thumb rest, still feels good! These saxes are know for their super quick, light key action. Light, quick key action is due to the unique spring arrangement. We have gone through this instrument in our shop and it needed little work, just minor adjustments. Seems to have high quality padding from the factory. Has remarkably level tone holes. The Grafton plays well and has accurate scale, most likely why Charlie Parker was involved with this sax! We are unsure if the case is original to the instrument. Very RARE, hard to find.

Call for price or with any questions.

Vintage ​Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Oboes, and More!

1953 King Super 20 Silver Sonic Tenor, serial #349xxx. Solid sterling silver bell and neck. Gold leaf engraving on bell. This is an all original, original lacquer (75%). Completely re-padded, mechanical overhaul in our shop. Never been refinished.

Buffet B Flat Clarinet Serial # - 40468- 1955- Articulated G Sharp- This is a pre R-13, the bore is three hundredths of an inch larger than a modern R-13. The side wall is four hundredths of an inch thicker than an R-13. The early 1950's Buffet's are well know for their rich, dark tonal quality. These 1950's clarinets were so sought after, Buffet re-released a copy in the late 1990's known as the 'vintage' model. Buffet's version of an articulated G Sharp allows the player to trill G Sharp with the upper banana key on the right hand (see photos). This is a very rare key works, usually only found with their 21 key models. This is not a 'blown out' instrument. It sat in a music major's closet for over 50 years. We restored this clarinet in our shop with cork pads, and high quality water proof pads on low E Flat, C Sharp, C-F key and Low B key. The condition of the wood is pristine, you won't find wood of this quality in a modern clarinet. There are no cracks, and there never has been! Original tweed case and cover.

Call for price or with any questions

Conn 26M- Serial # M267924A-  1935- This is similar to a Conn 6M, including the naked lady engraving on the bell. Original lacquer, 90% lacquer. The 26M features include; tune-able neck, articulation bar, and key height adjustment screws. Articulated low C-sharp, adjustable right thumb hook, and under-slung octave key. A notable feature is the sterling silver key touches. This instrument plays quite well as is, but will need to be re-padded.  

Call for price or more information.

Armstrong "Elkhart" G Alto Flute - serial #M1607- Solid silver head joints and body, comes with curved and straight head joints. Recently re-padded and in excellent playing condition. Never damaged!

$1650- ​Call with any questions

Haynes Artist Model Flute- Serial # 39916-​ 1970- One of the last of the 'golden age' Haynes hand crafted flutes.  This flute features low B foot, soft soldered tone holes, and an inline G. Never damaged, professionally owned. Flute was restored in our shop three years ago, has had little use since. Excellent playing condition.



Conn 6M- Serial # 292120-  1940- Great example of a 'naked lady' Conn. Great closet find, 90% original lacquer, undamaged, perfectly straight tune-able neck with underslung octave key. Original Conn reso-pads, plays well as is, may need re-padding and mechanical overhaul to bring it up to perfect playing condition. Comes with nice, original case. 

Call for price or with any questions.

Very nice example of a late 1955 Selmer VI Tenor. All original finish, approximately 75%. Great player, fresh re-pad, with Selmer plastic dome resonators. Matching serial number on neck. Professionally owned and played. Comes with Walt Johnson case. We need to move this one! Seiral #62190

​ON SALE: $8500!!   sold

**We also have available, over 85 professional and vintage mouthpieces. Bari, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, and clarinet. Some are old, great condition vintage, some are old, new stock in boxes. Major brand names such as; Burg Larsen, Otto Link, Paris Selmer, Van Dorn, Bari, Meyer, and many more. From $40 - $400. Call for details.**

1929 King Saxello. Complete restoration from great original condition. Rare Bflat instrument.

Call for pricing or with any questions.

Buffet R13  Bb Clarinet #350xxx. Beautiful piece of wood, has NEVER cracked! Recent professional cork pad restoration. $1850.

Yamaha Xeno 'G' Trumpet.  Great player, not mint, but professionally cleaned and polished. $1200!! New retail for over $4000!

Conn 8D - "First manufactured in 1937, the Conn 8D is a Kruspe-style horn that quickly established itself as one of the top models for professional hornists in America. Especially renown for its prominent role in Hollywood soundtracks, the Conn 8D has a distinctive tone quality that counters what its evangelists consider the more stuffy Geyer style horns. If you hear a big silky, soaring horn line in the next big block buster film, chances are it was played on an 8D."

Our Conn 8D is very gently used and in mint condition. Was built in 1998 in Elkhart, Indiana. No dents, no scratches, ever!


1939 King Zypher Special Tenor Saxophone.  Rare Saxophone! Solid sterling neck, mother or pearl inlay everywhere your fingers touch. Original finish, straight body, neck has never been "pinched" or damaged, fresh repad/mechanical overhaul. Great tone, which is what these old Kings are known for!! Call for price. ​sold!